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Artemis Director’s Viewfinder is an indispensable tool for filmmakers. It replaces the traditional viewfinder that would hang from a director’s neck, with a more convenient form factor and far more accurate and adaptable feature set. It is now the most used director’s viewfinder in modern filmmaking.

After selecting a camera format and lens grouping, Artemis simulates the field of view of the lens you might use on your shoot. You can either compare lens selection in a wireframe view or the specific focal length you've chosen in zoom view.

Artemis allows for the saving and sharing of images, recording crucial shot data—like GPS coordinates, tilt angle, bearing, focal length and camera format. There is also a facility to save your own notes alongside each saved image. When it comes to planning a shoot or creating storyboards, there is no more powerful tool.

Artemis HD (for iPad) was featured
in Apple’s “Your Verse” TV AD.
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  • It’s great having Artemis on my iPhone. Since I always have my phone with me, I always have a viewfinder at hand. Not only convenient but extremely accurate.
    Roger Deakins ASC, BSC
    Cinematographer: Prisoners, Skyfall, The Company of Men, The Shawshank Redemption. Best Cinematography Academy Award Nominee 2014 for Prisoners
  • Artemis is always in my pocket - no more need for a PA carrying a large case of lenses up a mountain on a scout. It's changed the way we do things!
    Phedon Papamichael ASC
    Cinematographer: Nebraska, The Descendants, Sideways. Best Cinematography & Best Film Academy Award Nominee 2014 for Nebraska
  • Artemis is a great viewfinder. I use it a lot when scouting. And since it's very accurate you can show a frame to whoever needs to see what the shot will be or could be....and discuss it.
    Bruno Delbonnel ASC, AFC
    Cinematographer: Inside Llewyn Davis, Amelie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Best Cinematography Academy Award Nominee 2014 for Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Artemis is the best invention for film people since the expresso machine!
    Yves Bélanger CSC
    Cinematographer: Dallas Buyers Club, Laurence Always, Ma Fille, Mon Ange. Best Film Academy Award Nominee 2014 for Dallas Buyers Club
  • Artemis makes me feel smarter than I was without it. It’s the sharpest tool on my iPhone.
    Barry Ackroyd BSC
    Cinematographer: Captain Phillips, Hurt Locker, United 93. Best Film Academy Award Nominee 2014 for Captain Phillips
  • Artemis is an amazing army knife style lens kit that have helped me frame up countless of shots in any format in an instance.
    Linus Sandgren FSF
    Cinematographer: American Hustle, Promised Land, 6 Souls. Best Film Academy Award Nominee 2014 For American Hustle.
How Wide does it go?

Previously, Artemis had only one limitation and that was the field of view of the camera on the device. In the Super 35mm sensor format, the widest lens you could view is around 22mm. For lenses wider than this we had to add image padding to help you visualize that frame.

Key Features
  • Covers most film and digital cameras
  • iPhone and iPad versions
  • Save stills with full metadata to photo library
  • Beam to an Apple TV as a remote Monitor
  • Build your own lens bag
  • Create a custom camera for exotics