Pocket Alchemy

An iPhone/iPod Touch application that graphically predicts the path of the sun from dawn to dusk, on any given day, in any given place.

Designed as an aid to Cinematographers and Stills Photographers working in natural light, Helios is essential to anyone who needs to plan a day around the constantly changing character of sunlight. Gaffers, Grips, Location Managers, Production Designers and First Assistant Directors will already be aware of the value of this information.

Other professionals, from Architects and Surveyors to Electricians and Landscape Gardeners can now predict sun exposure in the field, without the need for complex tables or graphs.

Helios was featured in the History Channel’s “America
Unearthed” in the episode “The Mystery of the Serpants”
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Key Features
Predicts the sun’s position, anywhere on earth, at any point in time, future or past.
  • 5 different tools to explore sun data
  • Project sun information over iPhone camera
  • Use internal inclinometer to calculate elevation precisely
  • Database of tens of thousands of world locations
  • Uses internal GPS and compass
  • Network phone connection not necessary
  • Scarily accurate alchemy and celestial mechanics
  • Email a day plan from your phone
  • View sun information over device maps
  • Vampire certified